Battery products range from automotive, marine, motorcycle, deep cycle, traction, solar, forklift, recreational and stop-start applications.

Our products guarantee quality with proven performance, technically assisted by our experts and, all with the care of customer focused, Australian, family owned company. Apollo Batteries located in Milperra is specialist power solution retailer/ Wholesaler in a wide range of quality battery products all tailored to your purposes.

We are your battery specialists in the Sydney metropolitan area. Our focus is to look after the power storage needs of our customers, ranging from commercial to personal uses. Hear what our clients have to say!!!

Our Products

Our battery range caters for cars, 4WDS, trucks, marine, caravans covering a vast number of purposes to suit the needs. Apollo Batteries expertise and technical...

Battery Fitting

Apollo Battery Professional Service

Our professional installation makes the process of replacing batteries painless. If you connect it...

Battery Chargers and Charging Service

Apollo Battery Matson Charger

We sell Matson Waterproof Battery Chargers, Delta Q and many others, this gives you peace of mind, ensuring that...

Don't Panic! We have healthy long lasting batteries

Apollo Batteries understand the importance of having a healthy long lasting battery. We sell not just car batteries but also peace of mind and our mission is to keep you going. For that reason alone, we help our customers with a complementary test to check your battery.

Our staff will assist with choosing the correct battery and our mobile services will deliver and fit wherever the vehicle might be located, within the South West Sydney region and CBD region.

maintenance free 800 x 600

Maintenance Free Batteries

Our maintenance free batteries are a perfect balance between cranking and performance.

Ideal for vehicles such as,...

marine maintenance free angle 800 x 524

Marine Maintenance Free

Strong, reliable, high performance starting power combined with ability to power all your accessory loads. It has higher...

Discover D31 Deep Cycle AGM Battery 800 x 544

Deep Cycle AGM Battery

This industrial battery provides superior high integrity and reliability for commercial, industrial, and private...

Mixtech EMX flooded battery 360 degree electrolyte mixing 800 x 564

Mixtech EMX flooded battery 360 degree electrolyte mixing

A normal acid battery has the electrolytes settles at the bottom which leads to excess corrosion and charge imbalance....

Golf Cart and Aerial Platform 800 x 600

Golf Cart and Aerial Platform

Ideal battey for mobile golf carts,...

Sealed Rechargaeable Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery

Sealed Rechargeable Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery

A valve-regulated lead-acid battery (VRLA) also referred to sealed lead-acid, gel cell maintenance free battery. Due to...

deep cycle maintenance free angle 800 x 523

Deep Cycle Maintenance Free

Ideal applications such as motor-homes and  marine twin posts. As a lead-acid battery, they are designed to be regularly...

Motor bike battery 800 x 600

Motor Bike and Scooter Maintenance Free Battery

Ideal for motorbikes, quad bikes, scooters, go carts and all terrain vehicles.  These batteries are easy to install and...

Searching Value For Your Battery Needs?

With a range of offering in our product line, we have got something for everyone to keep you on the road.

Visit us at our warehouse located in Milperra.

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