maintenance free 800 x 600

Apollo Batteries Bankstown – Milperra has an array of premium maintenance free automotive batteries possessing calcium/calcium designs. These rechargeable batteries are also known as SLI battery (Starting-Lighting-Ignition) and are used for starting an engine.

The automotive batteries provided by Apollo is designed with most advanced technology i.e AGM/EFB design targeting on Marine

Applications, automotive deep cycle, higher crank dual purpose and a wide Euro Din range.

The Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) batteries offer quality, capacity and enduring performance.  Consumer in quest of OE requirement can reap a real monetary value at the offered range of Apollo Batteries Bankstown – Milperra.

Apollo delivers several limited range Automotive batteries (red top, black case and lively stand) throughout the Australian market.  Our product has and will forever out stand in Marine market, Agricultural Market, Consumer Market and Commercial Market.