Apollo Battery DISCOVER D27 and D31 JPG White Bground group Recreational Vehicle Use Battery

The DISCOVER D27 and D31 is the ideal Recreational Vehicle (RV) Battery offered by Apollo Batteries, located in Milperra.

Ideal for caravans, camping, 4X4 and boating

DISCOVER D27 and D31 Battery Features include:

  • Maintenance-free Technology
  • No topping up required.
  • High charge retention. Self discharge rate of less than 2-3% per month (25°C).
  • Eliminates corrosion due to off-gassing.


Specifications for Discover Battery

This battery can also be used in a Deep Cycle applications.


  • High impact reinforced Polypropylene (PP) case with flat top design
  • Improved vibration protection
  • Suitable for under the bonnet applications
  • Superior charge acceptance
  • Special grid alloy and paste formula for reduced self-discharge and extended runtime and cycle life performance
  • UL924 recognized flame arrestors for improved safety
  • Gas recombination technology for zero off gassing
  • Stronger and ergonomic moulded carry handles providing improved safety
  • Lighter weight from superior case and intercell welding design
  • TTP welds (Through the Partition) for lower internal resistance and improved heat resistance