Apollo Batteries in Milperra (south of Bankstown) trusts in providing eco-friendly service for community and environment welfare. We deliver all kinds of Solar Batteries for any kind of solar applications.

Solar batteries are an excellent emergency back up and a perfect means of releasing energy (light) in remote areas. It’s reliability, durability and low maintenance cost is what has attracted our clients from remote areas.

Our solar batteries can be used for all types of solar applications and are perfect for emergency back-up, as well as they are perfect solar off-grid in a remote area. These batteries are available from 12 volts to 48 volts and consist of 2 cells. Also, we install the solar panels of these batteries.

Utilities also buy solar panels and solar batteries from us because we offer them at an affordable price. We also have customers, who own houses in a remote place and use solar batteries, around the clock.

Solar Battery is not only a perfect back-up but also helps you to lower your electricity bill. Further, it is reliable, durable, and has a low-cost maintenance.