Apollo batteries forklift battery

Apollo Batteries Bankstown – Milperra offers you traction batteries that function in both hot and cold weather. These high-performance batteries are used for commercial applications, machines (that draw, lift and shift) and in on and off site works.

Our service does not end after selling the product instead it begins. We believe in providing best after sales service. We consider your time and operational service to be precious therefore we offer you repair and replace schemes in a single telephone conversation.

We sell traction batteries that give a high-performance duty and that are used in commercial applications, or in the machine that draws, lifts, and shifts materials. They can be used in on site and off site. We also have traction batteries for both hot and cold weather.

Not only we sell quality traction batteries but also offer service wherever you want in Sydney and metropolitan area. We give the topmost priority to your time, as well as to your operational work efficiency.

Our batteries are available in all kinds of sizes and can be tailored as per your requirement. The batteries we deliver are of strong warranty so that you don’t have to worry about its maintenance for long period.

If you are busy then just give us a call. We repair, as well as replace.