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Different battery types

When people think about lead-acid batteries, they usually think about batteries that start their cars. These are starting batteries. They deliver a short burst of high power to start the engine. There are also many other kinds of lead acid batteries, ie: Marine batteries, Deep-cycle batteries, Standby batteries, Motorcycle batteries etc etc….. You’d find these in boats, caravans and recreational vehicles, Burglar alarms, Hospitals, Telephone exchanges etc.. where they’re used to power accessories like fridges, trolling motors, winches or lights and to supply power in cases of mains power failures.

Lead acid batteries are made of a plastic container and contains its important organs, such as lead plates, porous material and sulphuric acid, which work in a combination to empower the terminals. The batteries are used to run automobiles and work as a back-up in a remote area, city, and water. All heavy machines, small machines, and small homes need batteries. This battery is fully charged by the company before they pack and send it to us.

Batteries are available in different sizes in order to accommodate in the areas where they have been designed for, and they are also available in different volts to supply the power that the engine needs.

Batteries always come with a warranty and guarantee, so that customers can get value for their money and have a smooth function of mechanical equipment. Just like we need food to live, we also need to charge a battery.